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Experience next level gaming with this freshly built eSports gaming controller. Have the edge on your opponents. Enhance your gameplay with the advanced technology and sleek design of this eSports gaming controller. Gain a competitive advantage and dominate your opponents with precision and control.

On This Build

  • Mouse Click Triggers
  • Mapped Back Buttons
  • L= X R= O
  • Custom Themed
  • Adjustable Analogs


All controller builds come with a 30 day warranty

Any parts replaced on repaired units also come with a 30 day warrant

Warranty Covers all modifications added to the controller. We can not add warranty to stick drift. This is a known issue in all controllers, for more life out of your controller analogs select the upgrade option to hall effect analogs.

Your warranty WILL be void if 
  1. You opened your controller
  2. The controller was damaged by impact, or liquid
  3. You are past 30 days of delivery



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